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Apologetics links & Organisations

Among the vey best scientists from many disciplines all joined in the effort to reveal the facts of creation as God created it.

Institute for Creation Research

Very strong science based on empirical evidence and rigorous methodology. These scientist work tirelessly for the advancement of the Truth of the Kingdom


This is a one stop shop for all things apologetics related. The go to for beginners and experts alike.

Geoscience Institute

Science, reflecting creation.  Among the very best scientists working on the biblical narrative.  Here we find emprical proof of creation and the inspirationof the biblical facts.

Reasonable Faith

Dr William Lane Craig is among the very best apologists today. His expert analysis and content is without parallel in the realm of logic, philosophy, and content.

Jews for Jesus

No apologetics site would be complete without a guide to understanding the context, depth, culture, and nuances of the scripture. To grasp the person of Jesus one must grasp the Jewish people and the precepts of who God is.

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Exodus 15:3

“YHWH  is a warrior; YHWH is His name.


Apologetics links & Organizations

Cross Examined

Perhaps to most prolific and recognized apologists today Dr. Frank Turek has  shown logic, reason, and a common sense approach to some of the most challenging and popular arguments today.

Cold Case Christianity

J Warner Wallace spent his career solving crimes. Mr. Wallace applied the tools of cold case work to the New testament and the evidence convinced him of the factual nature of the Bible. Learn his insights and evidences here.

Reasons To Believe

PhD Dr. Hugh Ross is exceptional among researchers. His many books, videos, and engagements bring together science and scripture. The detail of his astrophysics and astronomy is without parallels.

Answers in Genesis

Several PhDs working seamlessly to deliver the evidence of Genesis & Gods Word from a scientific perspective.

Dartmouth Apologetics

Oswald Chambers is required reading for anyone seeking to know Christian doctrine.  Here we can find resources and answers to Christian ideas. This is useful for correcting the caricature of Christianity seen by the secular culture.

Ray Comfort

A gentle man with a heart to save the lost. Reasonable and down to earth Ray Comfort inspires and encourages with a down to earth approach, meeting you whereyou are.

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God loves you

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