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SpearFront  Apologetic Studio

SpearFront is designed to offer apologetic resources and presentations to those who seek a defense to the attacks from the scientism and New Atheist Movement. We specialize in concrete and hard data that proves the bible. Feel free to browse our selections and videos.

The idea here is engagement and interaction with me and others to form the strongest possible scientific, philosophic, and theological positions, possible with the strongest evidence possible.  You can communicate with me directly and I with you.  For this to be effective we both must communicate with Christ and follow His instruction for His Kingdom and His glory. 

Destroying Scientism through empirical evidence and scripture

SpearFront Menu

Codex Alexandrinus.jpg

New Testament Apologetics

Evidence for the New Testament
PhD Apologists
The Evidence of early Gospel writings
The Early Church Fathers
The Council of Nicaea
Apologetic Videos of  NT debates

dragonblood above the foliage.jpg

Where was Eden?

Finding Eden
Eden and the Flood
The Rivers
The Geology
The Desert & the Angel
The Trees of Eden

Noahs Flood.jpg

Flood of Noah

The Narrative

The Younger Dryas Impact Event

The legends

The Ark

The objections

The Geology

Moses red sea.jpg

The Exodus from Egypt

4 documentaries
The Egyptian proof
Avaris Hyskos = Hebrews and Goshen
Josephs Pyramid
The name of God in ancient Egypt
Moses' name in Egypt
Dozens of peer reviewed papers
The Plagues
Scientific proof of the Red Sea crossing


Steve Duvals Infographic Series

Arguments for Gods Existence
Reliability of the New Testament
Historical Evidence for Jesus
Who was Jesus?
Gospel Message: True or False
Concluding infographics


Radiometric Dating

How it works
Assumptions: open or closed systems
c-14 levels over time
Tree rings;  Varves; Ice cores; 
Electromagnetic Interference
Empirical Proof of RMD failure from Berkley
U235 and Earths age
RMD falsified by scientists.


How old is the Universe?

Video from Dr. Chuck Missler

Time Dilation Explained

The Hubble Constant

Galaxies moving faster than Light?

The Science of God- Dr. Gerald Schroeder

Bias Equations

Inflated Inflation

The Solution

Several Dozen Peer reviewed Articles throughout as well as several videos and lectures from secular scientists.

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